Edoardo Borrelli


Luxury Italian Hand-Made Clothing


Our commitment is to dress you for success. We pride our detailed workmanship as every piece of clothing is individually designed to your style and measurements for a perfect fit. The work is always done with the use of natural fibers and the best accessories.


Making a tailored suit is to understand the personality and temperament of the wearer. Without neglecting the details that make each product unique and inimitable. The cut and screwed the shoulder "down" make the jacket lightweight and snug as a shirt.


A perfect fit. But also a refined technique and a taste for the exquisitely beautiful. Elegance tailored means above all that.The processing consists of a traditional system that respects the traditional style of Italian tailoring. And it finds fulfillment in the skilful hands of master tailors.


Every single operation is done by hand, from the placement of the fabric until the completion of the finishing touches. Here's the story that lies behind every outfit Borrelli. In a sign of elegance. The same elegance that is found in the bespoke shirts. The same attention to detail. The same story...

Our Process

Each item is made exclusively by hand, follwing the dictates of the old school tailoring.


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